by jsmoreland - 9/27/07 7:25 AM

In Reply to: finding my pictures by monhegan

I'm not sure what you mean by labeling. I've played with putting watermarks with text over pictures so I could put the date the picture was taken as a watermark when I display the picture. But that is only one kind of labeling.

The copy I have now is somewhat broken but maybe we can get CNet to allow me to post a free unlicensed download. I'd love to get some feedback.

As for losing my fulltime job... It is a self funded startup. And we are just starting to take off. We finished our first oem contract which funded our commercial version. I can't say much about it but it is a archiving de-duplication product that dramatically reduces the amount of disk required and increases dramatically the number of restore points available online. Search on De-duplication and major disk vendor whose names begin with letters in the last half of the alphabet....