Dell service

by 2Cold Scorpio - 9/16/07 3:51 PM

In Reply to: That great news to know by TONI H

I had ought an Inspiron 8100 from Dell in 2001, and I had seperate disks for Windows XP, Dell's Installed Programs & Drivers (and I kept the updated drivers backed up to), Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 Basic, and I believe there was one other (I think the drivers disk was seperate). As far as I can tell, too, the WinXP Home disk is an OEM disk with a different label on it. So I wonder about your friends' "service"; Dell has always been good to me over the years (I've used phone tech support *years* after my warrenty was up with no troubles or cost. The most recent was 2 months ago about if I can connect my old harddrive to a newer machine for bacjup reasons if I didn't get it running again. For those interested, the answer was "No"; the connections were different...). As another sidenote to their service, that Inspiron 8100 lasted nearly 6 years before the batteries and power cable went out. And the Dell system with a Pentium 2 my folks got in '98 lasted even longer (with the only upgrade being a new CD burner 2 years later). happy THAT'S good craftmanship. For new PCs, I suggest Dell or building your own. If you have money to blow, maybe Alienware (which I think is owned by Dell). I just thought I'd tell my own story of their excellent service.