This is how you get Windows Vista on a Philips Freevents X51

by J! - 8/30/07 1:07 PM

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Just thought Id post details of how to get Windows Vista on a Philips Freevents X51, as it is actually possible.

After a little research I found that Philips dont actually make laptops what so ever and that the Philips Freevents name is used under licence by DSG Retail (the company who own PC World and Currys).

The laptop itself is a manufactured by a German company called Twinhead. They have an identical laptop within their range and thus produce and distribute updates for the hardware.

The problem stems from the BIOS not recognising the Windows Vista disk from boot up (it also wont recognise Windows Vista if it on the alternative media of CD either, so dont waste your money purchasing Windows Vista on CD in the hope it might work).

However not all is lost, as the machine is more than capable of running Windows Vista, all you need to do is upgrade the BIOS system. This is quite a simple thing to do as well.

There are eight simple steps:

1. Copy the following files to your hard drive; make sure they are just on the C:\ drive and NOT in any specific folder (by keeping the files on the root folder of you hard drive, it helps keep things more simple). These are all the files you will need to update your BIOS system.

2. Create a Bootable CD (or you can use any CD that will get you to a DOS command prompt from boot up).
3. Boot up your computer using the Bootable CD and wait until it gets to the DOS command prompt.
4. Type C:\ inform your computer you want it to read information from the hard drive
5. Then type afudos.exe f12dt105.rom /s and it will perform part one of the BIOS upgrade
6. Then type afudos.exe f12dt105.rom /p and it will complete part two of the BIOS upgrade
7. Then type afudos.exe f12dt105.rom /b and it will complete part three of the BIOS upgrade
8. Then type afudos.exe f12dt105.rom /u and it will complete part four of the BIOS upgrade

Job done!

You can then reboot your computer and youre ready to go!

On rebooting your machine you will notice the once white screen that said Philips at start up has been replaced with a black screen that says Twinhead. This is because the BIOS has been replaced with an update from Twinhead. This is the only change you will notice in how the computer works.

To get started on installing Windows Vista, simple let the computer load your old version of Windows XP, when its loaded slip the new Windows Vista disk in the drive and youre ready to go! happy

You can only install Windows Vista from once Windows XP had loaded, as it downloads a number of files during the first part of the install process.

**BE WARNED, because of how the install process works you WILL NEED TO FULLY BACK UP ALL FILES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU, as part of the install process includes disabling the old version of Windows XP and all the programmes you had installed (you will need to reinstall all your programmes and person files once the installation has completed)***

The only thing you will have to do when Windows Vista is installed is reinstall the drivers for the Graphics Card. It will appear all fine without the drivers on the laptop screen, however if you want to use an external monitor it does require the correct drivers to make it all work.

Any questions leave a post and Ill try and help. My X51 works perfectly with Windows Vista, Im impressed!!!!

And now the legal bit happy

This is all done at your own risk, your house will be repossessed if you dont keep up repayments on it and never try drugs they are likely to kill you Blah blah blah! happy