by robholding - 8/22/07 2:29 PM

In Reply to: Here's the Scoop by joebowls

That is great!!!
It worked for me...(I'm refering to the joebowls work around)
I can now read my memory cards in the printers card reader!!

I had already tried the Patch from HP, but that didn't fix the problem hence me spending 1h on the phone to them.

I would sugest that this work around would work for other people and printers too. Has anyone tried?

Im using Vista.

1.Go to start menu and open Computer (my computer)
2.When the window opens, you should see the Tools menu at the top.
(If you can't see the menu, press the Alt button)
3.In the tools menu, select Map Network Drive... This will open another window.
4.Locate the card reader under the Drive drop down menu and make a note of the drives path (on MY computer it's \\HP0017a42f0b42\memory_card
5.Now, select an un-used drive letter from the drop down menu (This is going to be the new drive letter for accessing the drive).
6.In the Folder: menu type the drive path you noted down earlier but append \DCIM to it in MY case \\HP0017a42f0b42\memory_card\DCIM
7.Click finish. Et Voila. You should now be able to access the Card reader under the new drive letter you just assigned to it.

All credit must go to joebowls. Thank you for your great post.
Lets hope HP pull their finger out and create a proper fix.