Here's the Scoop

HP released a patch on the driver page for your respective printer. That resolved the issue for me and my HP 3310. HOWEVER...if this does not work there is a rather simple work around if you know how to map a network drive.

If you put a card in the memory card reader and map a network drive to a level lower than the drive letter, see below:

**Bare with me, I am doing this off of memory with nothing in front of me**

a ) If you right click on my computer and select 'Map Network Drive' and click on the drop down menu for the drive letter, it should give you the path that Z is pointing to ( EX: \\AB123456\something ).

b ) Write that down, copy it, whatever...

c ) Select an unused drive letter and in the Folder part, enter the same path but append DCIM to it ( EX: \\AB123456\something\DCIM ) and click OK.

This is a work around I came up with and works just fine. So first, hit up the driver page for your printer on If that doesn't work, try my work around. When I get home tonight and if I remember, I'll try to make a better step by step guide.

Happy Trails,