E-mail:550 Your message does not conform to RFC2822 standard

I have had the same problem today. I found no helpful information on the internet. Instead I started sending test mails to groups of people. Starting with 5 I moved up incrementally until I reached 36 people. Never once did the email get bounced. Finally, I started looking at the actual addresses. I had just added some new email addresses to my address book. One of those email addresses had a period (.) at the end of it. When that email address was included, the entire message was bounced for all addresses.

I would suggest that you look through your email list and see if any of the addresses are not properly formated (i.e. a standard johnsmith@yahoo.com). If any of them look funny, try sending a test message to that address with some others you know are okay. If the message fails, then you know you have found the problem.

Further, the email my be a good address, but it might just have an extra character in it. This problem happened to me when I was trying to add all the email addresses from a church prayer list to my address book. Somehow, one of the addresses had a period (.) added to the end of the address. Since I was adding some many addresses at one time, I did not notice that a period had been added.

Hope this helps. It is amazing how the smallest things can mess you up. I have spent the past 2 hours trying to figure this out.

have a blessed day1