Thank you, and you are most welcome!

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I too want to see good informative discussion about this very important topic that we all face right now here in the U.S with regard to saving money, saving gas, and the saving the environment.
I believe that it is possible to do this collectively, if we all can put aside the narrow-minded beliefs and political posturing like what Andy has done to this thread, and try to push for greater and more effective efforts to cut down on petroleum usage in automobiles.
It CAN be done, if we can get the attention of Honda, Toyota, and other car companies to continue to make more fuel efficient cars like the ones they used to make in the last decade.
Anyone like myself who has owned a Civic HX and VX in the past or present, all knows of the great gas mileage stats that they all got and still get today. I am just so very disappointed that Honda chose to not make those cars any longer, and replaced them with far more expensive hybrid versions that get even poorer mpg than the ones the replaced. It is a silly action that they took, and it makes absolutely no sense to me why they would do this.
The Civic VX and HX models were inexpensive to buy- the two VX hatchback models that I bought were only about $11,000 brand new, and the two door HX model I later bought was only about $12,500 brand new.
The 2-door HX model that I bought got about 47 mpg, and it was about $13,000 LESS than the hybrid version they sell today, when comparing the dollar value of then and now.
With gas prices as high as they are now, and will only continue to climb even higher and higher in the future, it makes sense to contact Honda to get them to make this highly fuel efficient engine available to their customers who want it in their cars.
It is a no-brainer solution.
It is a win/win situation for everyone- not the least of which is a win for the environment and for people's wallets. One other thing that is important to note here- not only are Hondas great mpg cars, but they also emit almost ZERO emissions out of their tailpipes. Most of, if not all Hondas have a ULEV rating that American car companies can only dream of. Honda sedans and hatchbacks all have a commonality amongst them- Ultra Low Emission Vehicle ratings, which Detroit still cannot figure out how to duplicate to this day.

I am interested in hearing what other Civic owners are, or were getting with their mpg stats. What people will find, is that the mileage figures that I obtained with my Hondas in the past, were and are far more common than what people realize.