Thank you for bringing the original topic back!

by contours42 - 8/11/07 4:44 PM

In Reply to: You should, because it is true... by Skyhawk007

"As was my intention when I started this thread, which was then hijacked by those who only wanted to spout their ultra-right wing mentalities, I wanted to show and demonstrate that high fuel efficient vehicles ARE possible to have with already existing technologies right now."

The original tone of this thread was polite and interesting until one guy, "Andy the Man" turned it into an insult fest. What a distraction! I have followed most of the posts with interest, but it has been extremely difficult to separate opinion from fact since the day he dragged in the highly charged political debate. Most of the time it bore no relation to the original discussion - fuel efficiency. I appreciate you adding the details of your 72 mpg experience.

Here's hoping that a more informative discussion continues.