sweeper vs furniture.

by batman823 - 7/26/07 6:18 AM

In Reply to: Yeah I guess I did. by Andy77e

You can buy a swiffer at many department stores, it's the same everywhere and about the same price. I'm referring to electronics and furniture, that sort of thing. You can't find a single piece of furniture at walmart that's made of solid wood. they're all made of low-grade aluminum or fiberboard. Of course it's going to cost less but I'd rather have real wood for furniture than glue and wood chips. But I completely agree about the banana or other items you can find anywhere.

For the Gore election, he won the popular vote, but bush got more electoral college votes, after the Florida scandal. But we've discussed that before so let's not get back into that. As for the other scandals, there aren't many presidents who don't have scandals. That's not OK, that's just the way it is. This pres just misuses "executive privelage" so he can threaten anybody who wants to speak out against them. For the clinton-terrorist thing. The offer was to pardon some 3rd and 4th tier terrorist associates to get the big-dogs, which bush is doing now too. That's pretty familiar to me, the deployment I got injured on involved that kind of thing. It sounds like what police and the coast gaurd do with informants and the like. But I fully admit that clinton-gore had their own discrepancies. He wasn't perfect, but he was infinitely better than what we have now. But that's just my opinion. It's really a battle for who's the least damaging evil and people's opinions are going to change depending on who's crooked values line up best with theirs.