Yeah I guess I did.

by Andy77e - 7/25/07 9:17 PM

In Reply to: once again you missed the point. by batman823

To me, there was no question in the election. Bush won, Gore lost.

See I believe Bush is thinking about all Americans. I may not agree with him on all his policies.

How about Marc Rich? Here's a rich guy, traitor to the country, and in violation of tax laws, avoids prosecution by fleeing the country, was on FBIs most wanted list for years, suddenly his wife shows up at Clinton/Gore "Hotel White House" free secret service room service, and donates thousands, poof presidential pardon. Now again, how do you think that's better than Bush? You really think Clinton/Gore was looking out for whats best for the country? Did you forget the pardons arranged by Hillary for terrorist? Want to cover Travel Gate? Coal Gate? China Gate? File Gate? How many scandals do you want to cover? Each one is about Clinton/Gore using the oval office for their own benefit. In my eyes, having been through Clinton/Gore, Bush is practically a saint.

I guess, based on what you've said, I'd go for the light-pole for sure. I would even trust Gore, and most democrats, more, if I knew what they stood for. Gore and Clinton both have changed their positions on so many issues, so many times, it's clear they have no core values or things they believe in, other than themselves. They change their views on a whim, not because of right or wrong, or best for the country, or core conviction, but simply whatever is most beneficial to themselves at the time.

Well... I guess it'd be nice if I could open my own little shop with a tiny selection, and high prices and yet have everyone come there instead of Walmart... but my guess is they won't. As far sacrificing quality, I couldn't tell ya. I just bought a sweeper from Walmart, and the thing is flat out awesome. As for mom-n-pop shops, my grandmother went to one when she was alive. The prices were high, the selection was meager, and quality... ah a banana is a banana. Maybe other people can tell, but it tasted just like a banana to me, it just cost more. There are small businesses all over the place where I live.

Although I agree opening a business is getting harder. But again, I'd blame that on government. Red type, file forms, EPA, taxes, regulations, BWC. When I sub-contracted, it was a nightmare all the paper work, and it's 10 times worse if you have employees. (I didn't)