Cellulose is more the answer.

by vlturner - 7/25/07 3:17 PM

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Well it is nice to see someone may be picking up on how the future may lay out. And when everythind is said and done, the answer will be cellulose. I have a process that separate the O2/N2 molecules from a stream of air such that I currently have a 40% O2 stream. Now If I run this through succesive interations, it becomes higher. The thing is that I can use cast magnets instead of the electromagnetic fiels I use for my model. I cam across this thread, because I need to determine how best to suspend the cellulose in a liquid form. I want to just use water. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to fire my combustion chamber on this Cellulose/Water mixture. Now for you grean folks, Cellulose is one of the most plentiful compounds on the planet, and properly oxidizing it produces CO2 and water. Plus this material is part of the closed carbon cycle. So whatever I oxidize will be part of the next growing cycle. By only using cellulose, we can harvest a percentage to be returned back to the earth, in the same way coal and oil deposits took it out of the atmospheric cycle to begin with, thus returning back to normal C02 levels. The proper oxidation of cellulose is the goal here, and that is why life in general on the planet revolve around it. The problem is that you have all bin suckered into believing that the fuel was the important part. By controling the Oxygen side of the formula, you can do amazing things. When have you ever heard of someone manipulating the Oxygen content to any combustion process. And ask yourself, if this nut has gotten to 40% what does this doe to efficentcy numbers. My crude model changes any combustion process to one over 200% efficent to current standards, and if I could get to 100% it would be over 400%. By controling the oxygen we can make the wourld less flamable in general, but like usual, we alyays have to do the opposite, like make it more explosive with hydrogen. So on the 27 I have a meeting with one of the venture capital groups in Palo Alto. Maybe soon, I can find the additional team to help me move this forward.