once again you missed the point.

by batman823 - 7/24/07 7:16 AM

In Reply to: Unbelievable. by Andy77e

I said that gore stuff because of the florida elections being faulted. We both have our opinions and it's in the past. I dislike our current president and his policies. But we've both agreed before that we would be hard pressed to find a politician who didn't have #1 in mind. But I was saying that we should have a president who at the very least has the middle and lower class in mind when he writes policy and signs bills.

You called clinton a reed-in-the-wind and I call bush a light-pole. He has already taken his shape and decided what he wants to do, after all he's the self-proclaimed "decider". He is like a light-pole because he doesn't sway in any direction regardless of what influence is put on him. He's done about as good of a job of running the country as a lightpole could as well.

But really Al Gore had more votes than bush in the first election but bush got more elector college votes because of the areas that were stupid enough to believe he wouldn't be the worst president in the history of America.

I brought up the Walmart stuff just to make a point. I also said that it's a free market and that's the way it should be. People choose to get cheaply made stuff because it's cheaper than stuff that mom-and-pop stores offer. Small businesses suffer because of the consumer choices and I just don't like it. I wouldn't change it but I don't like it. A small business gets harder and harder to keep running but that's just the way our market runs. People will choose the one-stop-shopping and sacrifice quality for lower prices.

I'm not saying that Al Gore is perfect, or even good. But anybody would be better than what we have for our current administration