by Andy77e - 7/23/07 2:42 AM

In Reply to: captain underpants by batman823

Al Bore never won the election from any point of view. He lost all 5 recounts, and was never ahead at any time.

You are such a hypocrite! First you said in another post we are not gouged, because other nations pay a ton more for gas. Now you claim we are gouged, yet you said you support higher prices! Then you claim that Bush benefits from price gouging, yet you want higher taxes which would benefit government most! You are UNBELIEVABLE! You talk in circles constantly!

Now you talk about taxes we have no say in, that's bad, but taxes on fuel, that's good! Huh? You talk about the 'sin tax' on smokes and alcohol. Then claim I support that because it's free market. Where did I ever claim to support the sin tax?

Then you bring up Walmart and mom-n-pop shops closing. Ok, is anyone *forcing* people to go to Walmart instead of the local mom-n-pop shop? No. So they are choosing to. What exactly are you against here? You mention free market, but the opposite would be a closed market, prevent a mom-n-pop shop from ever being allowed to open. It would be government controlled. Mom-n-pop shops would never have the money to be able to get government approval to open. So what is your point?

You still don't get it. People in Canada come here to get treatment. Missionaries are sent home when health trouble strikes because our health care is the best system in the world. The vast majority of all medical breakthroughs and advancements happen here. Do you not know how many people come here from all over the world because of how good our system is? If you socialize the medical sector, I will promise you, in the long run our system will decline, advancements will fall, service will become crap. Do you realize the best doctors LEAVE government controlled health care system around the world to practice here? You really want the good doctors to leave the USA instead of coming to the USA?

Finely, you say a president should be looking out for America. Al Bore would support a huge hike on gas taxes, which would benefit him. He would also support Kyoto which would benefit him. Both would cause havoc in the economy and cause millions of jobs to be lost, while he would make millions. You talk about sin tax, while Al bore made millions off of tobacco.

And hey, is Gore really not looking out for number one? How about this: In 1995 Al Gore recommended that the Elk Hills in central California, once a federally protected historic land, be sold. Out of all the various ways it could be sold, it was exclusively sold to Occidental... that would be Occidental Petroleum! *GASP* Did you know that Al Gore has owns over $500 hundred thousand to one million in Occidental company stock?

Of course he's not looking out for number one. We know this because Al Gores father Gore Sr. stopped FBI investigation of then CEO of Occidental, Armand Hammer. Not only was long time friend Armand Hammer convicted of providing hush money during watergate, but he was being investigated for other matters as well. Gore Sr, lost his senate seat, but that's ok, Armand Hammer gave Gore Sr a six figure income with a no-show position. I wonder why...

But that doesn't apply to Gore Jr, our beloved environmentalist who sold federal property to an oil company he had stock worth a millions in. No no, see Armand Hammer was no longer CEO, instead Ray Irani, who spent a night in the Lincoln bedroom. Irani also wrote out a nice cheap $100,000 check, and coughed up an additional $50,000 during one of Al Gores infamous white house fund raising calls. Al Gore isn't looking out for number one, he's got whats best for America in mind, that's why he spend his time in his elected office shaking down people for money!

But Al Gore didn't just make tiny wad of cash from a federal land sale to a oil company he had stock in. See Gore also has this neat zinc mine in Carthage Tenn. How'd he get that? Well it seems that Armand Hammer, purchased the land for $160,000 in 1972, and sold it a year later for exactly the same amount to Gore, but Gore Sr, and now Jr, get the $20,000 royalties. What a nice oil baron. Of course Gore isn't looking out for number one.

Oh and by the way, it seems the company running the zinc mine, has been nailed twice by the EPA for pollution violation, involving zinc being leaked into Caney Fork River. But hey, Gore Jr has made $500,000 off the mine, screw the environment.

So you tell me, is he looking out for himself? Let's not talk about Clinton/Gore's ties to Worldcom, or Enron... (gasp! yes Enron had ties to Clinton/Gore) Get off it.

There is so much double standard here, it is sickening. You attack one person over 'whatever' yet give someone else a pass, who is just as bad or worse. Ya'll need to wise up and learn about who you support before opening your mouth.