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by batman823 - 7/19/07 6:34 AM

In Reply to: Where do these people come from? by Andy77e

What people are saying when they refer to the infamous dick and bush regime is that they want a president who doesn't have previous obligations. The fact that mr. pres himself benifits greatly from price gouging says that he's not going to do anything about anything that hurts the average american.

The pres is looking out for #1. Most people should, but the pres should be looking out for america.

I do realize that it's impossible to have an official elected that's not biased. But when has a president not been criticized? If it were somebody else(like al gore when he actually won the election in 2000) then he would be criticized for everything he does too. Clinton was criticized for everything, so was bush and so was reagan.

But the federal gov't and every state has taxes that the people have no say in. Most states don't let you smoke anywhere now. All states have 'sin taxes' like the ones on cigarettes and alcohol. But you and others like you seem to think that all those things are OK as long as the "free market" is preserved by showing major companies making major profits. But what about the mom-and-pop stores going out of business because a walmart comes to town? I know it's a free market and that's just one of the many results, good or bad it's the way it should be.

The point most of these people are trying to make is that our policy-makers and "the decider" should not have corporate interests in mind as a priority over the interests of the american people. That's what the Founding Fathers wanted and that's exactly what's not happening today. But since you don't like the idea of a socialist or communist society with total government rule, you should start looking for another company(country) to live in.

BTW Al Gore supports high gas prices to discourage people from driving, which would be yet another 'sin tax'. But that money could actually be used for a purpose worth having. Not some useless and endless war. But the dick and bush simpletons support high gas prices due to personal profit from their connection with big oil. That means the money we happily fork out for the gas-guzzling beast you drive and all the SUVs goes to the stock-holders, not to fixing the roads or subsidizing desparately needed public transportation, or maybe health-care. God forbid that somebody who makes less than $60k/yr gets health care. Yes you and I are both in that category. The only difference is that I get health care from the gov't because I'm in the military. But the other 350mil people in america aren't. So what should they do?