We're not communists

by azima11 - 7/16/07 12:44 PM

In Reply to: Where do these people come from? by Andy77e

If you want to know what your government can do about fuel efficiency, rent the "Who Killed the Electric Car?" DVD. President Bush overturned Calif. legislation aimed at getting gas guzzlers off the road. Then he went and gave huge tax breaks (around $26,000) to any Hummer owner who could even loosely say he needed the monstrosity for "business purposes" (e.g., riding around looking cool to get clients??). Ultimately, it was an oil company that purchased the rights to the improved battery technology that might have saved the electric car. In my state, I get zero tax breaks for purchasing a new fuel efficient vehicle (so I bought an old one). By the way, it's easy to call someone a communist, it's tougher to take time to get educated about what your government is doing, then taking them to task for implementing policies that hurt everyone but the wealthy. I'm not a communist - just a member of the disappearing middle class.