My Handle is Still Invalid!

by jedders26 - 7/8/07 2:42 AM

In Reply to: Invalid handle by humblum

Hi there... Thanks ever so much for this very useful information - I tried it and it does indeed work. However, I pointed out this fact to HP - I even gave them 'idiot' proof links to this forum and to download the Total Commander app to see it with their own eyes. They seemed about as interested in this as placing their heads in gas ovens and pressing the ignition switch. My rationale is that if this TC app works, and I'm an administrator with max rights and you follow the installation steps to the letter and all other OS features work for my other networked drives, surely this responsibility lies with HP! Can they see this? Nope!

What I found interesting was that they asked me to switch off my firewall and AV and then install from the Web choosing 'Run' from the download link!! I questioned this and was told that they could only offer further help if I followed the recommended solution. As a workaround, I followed this to a point where I had the app ready to run, then disabled by Internet Connection and then disabled the firewall/AV. However, as you can all no doubt appreciate, this did not fix the issue.

Thanks again to all for your input and hopefully one of us will stumble across a fix sooer or later. I can't see HP helping much more.