A few quick troubleshooting tips

by ozos - 7/7/07 9:07 AM

In Reply to: PC Hardware Sticky! ****PLEASE READ**** by ikjadoon

If your system isn't booting up correctly try a few of the following things:

1) Ensure everything is firmly connected

2) Try a different outlet in the house

3) Try clearing the CMOS (remove battery from mainboard + unplug power from wall, wait for a few minutes, reconnect)

4) Try a minimal boot using just the following components:
-Power Supply
-A Single memory module

If you get beeps from step 4, proceed to add a VGA adapter and keyboard, boot again

If that gives you some form of display, add a hard drive, boot again

If that gives you more of your system, add another remaining component, and so on, when you find the one that halts the boot process, you've likely found the damaged component.