z:\ The handle Is Invalid

by jedders26 - 6/10/07 8:56 AM

In Reply to: Invalid Handle error by glennsa

Ho there...

Sorry you guys seem to be having this trouble too - I have a C7180 and exactly the same is happening - works fine installed using XP drivers from HP site on my wife's laptop, but the same old story applies when using the Vista driver for me. It's very annoying as the facility is an excellent one (so my wife keeps reminding me!!). No luck with HP, they simply referred me to a number of troubleshooting pages which even if you read between the lines gives not even the faintest glimmer of hope of a resolution. After playing and increasingly frustrating game of email Ping-Pong with HP yesterday, they have assured me that their R&D department are looking in to this. To be honest, I don't hold much hope in a resolution from HP this way, but can only dream that the fix will be provided in a later driver edition.

There is a Hotfix available on the HP web site now, but this did not resolve my issue, which is the same as the one which you are experiencing.

What is even more annoying is that the size of the XP driver is significantly larger than the Vista one and when you use the share features on the printer, the XP drivers give so much more functionality, but the Vista driver just dumps you in to HP Photosmart Essential evey time.

Scanning and printing.... great - additional features - I wouldn't know.

If anyone else has had any luck in resolving this issue I would be really grateful indeed to learn how.

All the best