Once again, you cannot comprehend what I say...

by Skyhawk007 - 5/29/07 11:00 AM

In Reply to: What thinking have you done yet! by Andy77e

I would hope that this thread would close by now, but I see that once again, you have so missed the point, that I must once again re-state my point a little slower so you can understand it, okay?
First, the 'K' car issue. I never said that I was in love with this car, only that I liked the idea of what Lee Iacocca did to revitalize a car company and industry with marketing a concept that would get people's attention to a product and marketing campaign. I never said or thought that the 'K' car was well-built or a great car at all.
Let me say this to you slowly- IT WAS HOW THE CAR WAS MARKETED!!!!
The Chrysler marketing campaign WORKED so well that it got people's attention in a new and exciting way on two levels.
1) It was an affordable car that people could afford to own.
2) The car sold so well that it got Chrysler out of debt quickly.

No, I am NOT saying that someone should make that car again. Why you would say that is beyond stupidity. What I AM SAYING, is that this kind of fresh marketing campaign works, and it is the sort of thing that we need from the Big Three right now, because what they are doing now IS NOT WORKING!
Obviously you have never taken a marketing class in college, so I won't even bother to teach it to you now. It would be a waste of time.
This idea would help create a buzz in the auto world with designing and marketing a high mpg car using an idea similar to the Honda Vtech-E engine two decades ago. The marketing campaign would focus on the current leadership at one or all of Detroit's executive officers speaking openly and honestly about the grave issues with what people have with the super high cost of gasoline at the pumps, and that they HAVE AN IDEA TO HELP WITH THAT. That idea would be something that people could really take to, and be something that would generate talk within the industry- similar to what Lee did in 1980, when Chrysler was going bankrupt then.
Guess what? The exact same thing is happening now.
Chrysler is going bankrupt, and the Daimler Corp which bought them, is now washing their hands of them now. If Kerkorian doesn't buy them, then they are in deep trouble.
This is an OPPORTUNITY to do something different, bold, and exciting from a marketing p.o.v, that would bring excitement back to Detroit, because it is sorely needed right now.
Gas prices are now up to $4.50 a gallon here in California right now. I don't know about you, but I would like to drive a high mpg car made in Detroit, if possible once again, that would help cut the overall driving cost of that car.
This concept would work if someone were to only look to the past, and see how great it worked back then.
It is a WIN/WIN for everyone involved!
Toyota markets their cars with the idea of how great their mpg ratings are, and that is one of biggest reasons why they out-sell GM now.
We see their commercials every day touting their fuel standards- case in point, the Prius, Corolla, and the Camry have been marketed with that in mind.
The technology already exists to get cars above and beyond 40+ mpg.
Every Honda I have owned has gotten at or above 44+ mpg.
It worked for Honda and Toyota, and it can work for Detroit, too, if they only cared enough to try a different strategy than the failed one they are using now.
Sorry to break it to you, but it is not because of "red tape" and supposed government regulations. It is because of that they simply don't care enough about regaining market share to do this.
They say it, but they really aren't listening to their customers, and seeing what is going on around them, unlike what Lee did in 1980.
He listened, and he got the message loud and clear. He created a concept and campaign that worked.
Today on the other hand, Detroit would much rather used the outdated and failed ideas of the 1960's and 1970's, with building 350 hp engines that get 15 mpg that appeal to a small percentage of their redneck customers.
They love talking about "Hemi's" and big muscle cars that get poor gas mileage. Now we are seeing them promote their cars with what they call is "great gas mileage" of 28 mpg!
This is pure insanity and stupidity on their part.

This is why they are losing the race. This is why they are failing.

That is the whole and entire point of this thread- to point out that it is not impossible nor irrelevant to suggest that we can encourage America's auto manufacturers to do something to help not only America, but their own customers at the same time, by designing and correctly marketing a line of cars that get far better gas mileage than what they putting out right now. The technology already exists, and they should and MUST take the initiative to make this happen now.