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by Lightheart24 - 5/29/07 5:21 AM

In Reply to: Not quite true... by Skyhawk007

Its interesting to see both guys make some valid points. I think I learned more from their arguments than I have known in all my life about Oil.

Even though my knowledge of Oil Companies in the United Sates is vague, my understanding of the world is not. People in the U.S don't know what they pay for Food, your right. A family of 5 can eat for $ 6.99 in South America. Its not hard to believe, I just got back from a trip to the South America's. Heck, If I go to Africa, $ 5 will be enough for a group of 5 to eat well, in what would be considered a 3 to 5 star hotel.

Milk is expensive? Hmm.. Depends on where you are. I have traveled to the Middle East, through Asia, through Europe, and spent a large part of life trying to better understand people, cultures and the beauty they contribute to our beautiful world. I have seen Milk cost $10 a gallon in some parts of the world, while others I could pay little more than .50 cents for a gallon. Off course I found the 3rd world courtiers always have better quality foods for much cheaper price tag than we do in the U.S. Whats funny is Banana's taste like Cardboard LOL =)

Now I do agree with you our Government does fool us. The Government strategy is "how can we manipulate words so that a lie isn't completely a lie, and the truth is not completely the truth. LOL
Yes Government, or lets put it this way. People elected to represent both you and I are more concerned with their "$$$$ they are so concerned with their $$$$$$ they play the media to blow horns in any direction that benefits them. And what can the Media do, they need ratings, viewers, and unfortunately our people want Bad News. Hence this propaganda of "Terrorist"

This too is a business in itself. Never in History has any nation spent so much $$$$$ for security LOL. All in the name of National Security we are willing to spend BILLIONS in security. The Companies that make X-ray scanners, Airport scanners all of sudden find themselves having to filling orders from all over the country. Not to mention we are willing to sacrifice our civil liberties, our privacy in the name of security? And all anyone has to do is say "BOOO and everyone starts eyeing each other. What a horrible way to live. And who is allowing our Government to do this to us?

All of us.

We are. So yes you are right. But if someone were to say "We are in Iraq to fight a group of people who are thinking about killing us, or that we have to win a war against our Enemy because they will never stop coming after us. Or we need oil, or we needed to liberate Iraq?..."
Guys please look at you. Could you willingly kill anyone? Would you ever want to? Before you judge anyone at least understand whom it is your talking about. We are fighting for a cause not even our Government knows or understand anymore. First it was Weapons of Mass destruction that took us into Iraq, and then it became liberation of Iraqi people, then only to become a fight against terror. And now its Fighting to keep Violence between two factions? The very factions we created, because it was a clever idea "Split the people into two groups so they continue to kill each other, and Americans can be saved from the onslaught or a united Iraq." But it worked both for us, and against us. Instead of making one side our friends, we pissed both sides off. Its sad really. The people that are dieing are innocent women and children who did nothing to hurt us. Our kids are dieing for the sake of $$$ Its a tragic time for all of humanity. We are so divided among each others because of unjustified hate. Its sad.

We look for solutions in all the wrong places. We want answers and truth becomes increasingly convenient when we become increasingly ignorant.

Your Cars are not being made because the Government doesn't care for high mileage cars. Yes, that is true. The Car companies are not making high mileage cars because there is a long red tape. Yes that is true. Oil companies are lobbying, Domestic Oil Companies are, but foreign Oil companies are less than 6% that figure is so small its not even worth mentioning. Lets just say this. Oil in any east part of the world right now costs $1 per Gallon, and it is not due to shortages. Truth be told, Domestically Oil prices have been jacked up due to Government taxes, and foreign taxes on oil being imported to U.S. Again the number is so small its not worth mentioning. We have Oil, and we are milking people from it. But what will the people do? Nothing, except sit and watch, and hope for someone to answer their prayers. The problem is the answer won't be exactly what they are looking for. The answers will look good on the "Face front" but behind closed doors it will be the most rotten deal for all of us. Its like dieing of thirst in the desert. And while you see far in the distance what looks like water, you find nothing but sad all around you.... Its minds playing tricks on you. This is what the government is doing to us. Playing mind tricks to control our daily lives.