What thinking have you done yet!

by Andy77e - 5/28/07 5:40 PM

In Reply to: Pointless myopic thinking on your part by Skyhawk007

I can buy that, that they don't know how to. Either way it still makes no difference. When they learn how to, they will. If they can, they will do so.

No they are not. You don't even know this?? The hottest top selling auto last year was the Ford F-series. It sold almost DOUBLE the number of Toyota Camrys that sold. See, the problem isn't that I'm not reading what you write, its that what you write is stupid or pointless or wrong, and many times a combination of them.

Really people "like" fuel efficient autos which is why the F-series is so popular because it gets 50 mile per gallon... oh wait... your full of it.

We've been over this. Everyone knows the techonology exists. We can make a car our of Carbon fiber, with a fuels cell that goes 300 miles a tank, and carries 5 people and has 20 sq/ft of cargo space. Problem is no one wants to pay 2 million for it. So we can make a .8 liter engine in a 2 seater plastic car that gets 100 to 120 mile per gallon, problem is no one will pay $15K for it, and no one wants to ride in a death trap that will split apart if it hits a shopping cart too fast. Ok so they can copy a Honda Civic and make it get the exact same mileage and so on, but they can't make money off it, so why build something if you can't make money on it?

And what's with this K car crap? Where do you get that K cars are so great? They are all in junk yards. I can't even remember the last time I saw a K car on the road. Marketing can only go so far. If you shine up junk, sooner or later people will figure out it's still junk. I never pay attention to advertisements. I don't care how great and wonderful Toyota says their junk is. If it's tiny, and small, and has so little power, and I know if anything larger than a Nerf football hits me, it'll dent my plastic door... I'll never buy it. I don't care how good the gas mileage is. I'd rather pay $100 a week for gas and enjoy my car, than to ride is some midget mobile plastic bannana car. If the K car was so great, they would have stayed with it, and Chrysler would be doing great. They are not. Short term gain, long term pain.

In other words give up. You don't know what your talking about. You don't have any real information. You have an envy and greed problem. No one want your socialism, so just give up.