wrong agian

by rustystud - 5/28/07 5:39 PM

In Reply to: Pointless myopic thinking on your part by Skyhawk007

Skyhawk007 you are wrong in so many ways
let me elaborate...
The next president of the United States WILL make our country better, unlike your prentincious comment earlier
The rason for this is that Ron Paul is more than twice as popular on american poles than ALL OTHER POLITICIANS COMBINED. That is at least true when they have the balls to list him.
As far as your comments about the "big three" well thats just silly.
Why don't you listen to the know it all and eat your cheeto's on your ass and not worry your little head over all this Pogue 200mpg carberator stuff, It's all nonsence, because X=Y+B, and because I said so, And I know everything.