You have a envy/greed problem.

by Andy77e - 5/28/07 5:17 PM

In Reply to: Reading comprehension 101 by Skyhawk007

And you have no sense of logic. If you support government taking more control over markets... you support Big Government, no matter what else you say. The two are in fact mutually exclusive. You can NOT say that you don't want big government, but you want more controls, more oversight, more regulations. That does not fit. On this ONE single point, if you can not grasp this, then you are too stupid, too ignorant for me to countine chatting with you. You can't have it both ways. It's either Big Government, or less regulations.

Yes, Federal government is supposed to punish Illegal acts. Please explain how a private sector company selling a legal product for however much it desires, is illegal? If I make wooden widgets, they are MINE... I can sell them for however much I CHOOSE TO. *MY* product, *MY* choice to sell it, *MY* choice to price it. You and the government has NO RIGHT to tell ANYONE how much they can sell ANYTHING. If it cost me 30 cents to make a widget, and I choose to sell it for $30 dollars, that is my right. You can shove your socialist crap someplace else. This is America. There is Freedom here.

You ask me where I went to College, yet you don't know what "checks and balanaces" refers to. It isn't government verse the private sector, it's the 3 arms of government balanced against themselves. I really want to know where you went to school, you seem to know absolutly nothing. Whatever school it is, needs to close.

I don't care if you "like" price controls or not. They are not legal, they only cause problems, they are against everything that made America the greatest nation on Earth. You're wimpy opinion of whether you "like" it or not, is not even relevant. Every time it's tried it causes problems. Clearly your dumb school didn't teach you history, or you'd know that. What fools refuse to learn from the past, will only fall into the mistakes of the past. Welcome to idiots 101.

Shell, BP, Super America, Flying-J, Get-n-Go, Certified, Citgo, Pilot and the list goes on and on. So much for that theory.

Now the envy and greed comes out. Oh are they making massive profits? Oh how horrible. So is Wendy's, let's attack them next. Toyota is making massive profits too, let's stick government on those ******** as well. I don't care how much any of them are making, it isn't relevant. Just because someone is making money doesn't mean it's illegal or needs to be stopped. You have no point, you're just stuck on greed yourself.

In fact, the gasoline business makes one of the lowest margin of profit of any of the major industries out there.

Of course you can't just open your own Chevron station. That's their name, you can't just open up a store and put Wendy's on top of it either. Hell, if I opened a shop called "Widget Store" you can't open your own store and call it the same thing either.. oh I guess I'm a big evil corporation that controls the whole market. But if you think you can't open your own gas station, you are wrong, I know someone who did just that, and there's nothing an oil company can do about it. It's still open today.

There only one reason you can't open your own oil company. It has nothing to do with Big Oil... it's Big Government. There are so many laws and restrictions and legal red tape around doing so, you'd never be able to do it. And it's people like you that gave government the power to make it impossible to do it. You shoot your own foot off, and blame "big whatever" for you own stupid choices.

You original point is nothing more than hot air based on opinion. You have yet to make any solid point at all. Prove that the Big Three can make money on these cars you suggest? What real evidence do you have? You make many claims, yet information thus far suggest you full of it. In fact, the last time I read from the investor market, it said the Big Three lose money on every low end car they sell. The still do it because they need high mileage cars to balance out their SUV in order to avoide CAFE fines.

Right right, your 5 stars mean alot to me. Like I said before. I've been hit twice. Both times, they rolled away with bashed up plastic junk, while I didn't even have a scratch. You just count your stars when you crash or someone rolls through your plastic bannana. Oh I guess I should be unhappy at my small tank because it doesn't have as many stars as that beat up bull dogs face of a car that just ran into me.

You know what, some people actually think driving something cool is fun, even if it costs a bit more in gas. Just yesterday in fact, I saw an H3 towing a Corvette on the back. Talking about horrible gas mileage, but I'd have a much more enjoyable time driving those than a crappy Honda Accord. But this is the best part. *You* are not in control, and this is America, so I can drive whatever I want, and so can that dude in the H3 with the Corvette on the back.