Pointless myopic thinking on your part

Since you don't bother to read my posts, much less understand them, I will close this thread with this point (which you will not understand, either...)
Car companies CAN make a profit MARKETING a high mpg car. They have with Honda and Toyota, and have for years.
The big three don't, because they either don't want to, and they don't know how to.
Have you not been listening?
Toyota and Honda outsell GM on fuel efficient cars. People are buying Prius hybrids by the tens of thousands each year.
They are the hottest car selling in America right now.
This is why they (Toyota) are now going to make them in the US next year, as per their timetables from what they just announced.
People LIKE fuel efficient vehicles, and this is why they buy them, and why Toyota is now outselling GM.
GM can do this, too, if they were to create a MARKETING campaign similar to what Iacocca did with the 'K' cars in the early 1980's.
I did NOT say that they should create them again. I said that Iacocca's idea was to create attention to what they were trying to do when they were in tremendously bad financial condition back then.
He did so with MARKETING a product that got people's attention.
They can do so again with MARKETING a product that will get people's attention to newer and far more fuel efficient products that they will make and sell.
It has worked for Honda and Toyota. It can work for Ford, Chrysler and GM as well. It has made Honda and Toyota a great deal of money, and it can do the same for the big three.
If you haven't been paying attention, what they (the big three) are doing now, and have been doing, IS NOT WORKING!
They (the big three) are ALL financially struggling now, and have been so for many years. They all need a new and fresh alternative to their failed leadership that got them in this situation in the first place.
The technology ALREADY EXISTS to do that now. They can make it work with leadership and MARKETING their products BETTER. It worked for Lee Iacocca in 1980, and the same ideas and concepts can work again now.
They can either stay the course and go bankrupt, or they change course, and re-think the way they produce cars and then MARKET them to the consumer here in the U.S.
If they are smart, then they can change the course of their companies in a similar fashion to what Lee Iacocca did in 1980.
They can make and MARKET a car that stands apart from what they have done in the past. Make it affordable, safe, fun to drive, and most importantly very fuel efficient (40+ mpg) and people WILL BUY IT!
Make it comparable to the Corolla and Civic.
It worked then, and it can work again.

That is my point and I have made it very clear.

What part of this are you not understanding?