Yes, 90% of what you say is just broad assumptions

by Andy77e - 5/28/07 1:23 PM

In Reply to: Broad assumptions? LOL! by Skyhawk007

No actually it doesn't prove your point. You assume everyone chooses Toyota because of gas mileage. Unless you can prove this, prove that everyone who buys a Toyota, does so because of gas mileage, then you have proved nothing.

You missed my point and I'm begining to wonder if you even have a point. The point wasn't that all cars that get good gas mileage have to be junk. The point was it is stupid beyond logic to think if GM could make any car, and earn money on it, they wouldn't because it got good gas mileage. If they could sell a renamed yugo, and make money, they would.

Well I was in one crap car that had no power, and I litteraly got passed by a bus on the highway. With pedal floored, I could not get out of this busses way. He flashed his lights at me and passed. Gas mileage was great, but I'll never drive such a slug of a car again.

Simply don't need? Oh, so now your going to dictate to everyone what they need? Welcome back the Yugo. Let's just switch to comunism then. Maybe you missed it, but this is America. We have something called "freedom". It means that if I want a Dodge Viper V12 with 600 HP and gets 6 miles to the gallon, I can do that. What you think about what others "need" doesn't matter in the slightest. You want to move to cuba where Castro tells everyone what they can have and what they can't, by all means get out of our country. Your socialist crap isn't welcome here.

Yeah ok Miss Cleo. Maybe we'll see $5 per gallon, and maybe not. I heard the same thing back in the 90s and the price dropped to $0.78 per gallon.

You have tons of assumption, and uninformed opinions. Do you know for sure the big three can make money on these kinds of cars? Funny, last report on the Cobalt was GM lost money on each one sold. Huh... that doesn't square with your baseless opinion. Broad assumptions. That's all you have.

The K car! lol What junk! That's what you want to move us to? Short term gain, long term pain. Yeah it sold, but look where Chrysler is now. Yeah that K car plan really worked in the long run huh?

When the big three can make money off the type of car your talking about, they'll make it. The Cobalt isn't a top seller, and customer surveys have not shown up until very recently, that gas mileage was the prime mover. Making an even weaker smaller, slug of a plastic car, will not sell. At least not for enough for GM to make money on it. When they do, GM will sell them.