Reading comprehension 101

The list for your absurd assumptions goes on and on. One, I never said I want big government. I don't. Government must play a role, however, in oversight to protect the consumer from the illegal acts done by the private sector. Wanting that doesn't mean desiring what you proclaim is "Big Government".
That is what the Federal Government is SUPPOSED to do. No one wants to have them involved in everything, but they should and MUST be there to protect us from those who want to monopolize the marketplace.
What college did you go to?
This is what you learn in school as checks and balances. We don't want too much on any one thing or another.
When the scales are not balanced, and are tilted too far on one side or the other, there has to be a means to right that imbalance. That is one of the jobs of the government as we define it to be.
I don't like the inherent idea of price controls any more than you do.
But we all have limits to what we can do as consumers in the marketplace. You have hundreds of different stores you can shop at, as well as hundreds of different restaurants to eat at. But you only have about 3 or 4 gasoline stations to fill your tank at. We are limited to what we can do, and where we have choices with.
That is the power of big oil. They control where and how much.

I don't want the government at any level dictating what someone can sell a product for. However, I also don't want an all-too powerful entity who has TOTAL control over a product dictating what price we must pay for their product. The oil companies control the product in this country, and have monopolistic control over the price as well.
When you see each company record MASSIVE profits each QUARTER, then you can easily see just what kind of problem that we have.
Look at what Exxon records as profits each quarter. It is in the BILLIONS of dollars. Just where do you think they are getting this from? Thin air?
They do this because they can get away with this year after year.
They have NO oversight from anyone. They control the game.
Record profits at the expense of the consumer. Wow. What a great idea!
We are paying more than $3.50 a gallon for gas right now, and that is about $2.00 more than it should cost.
The problem with the supposed free market system, is that it is corrupt with greedy people who create false speculations that drive the price up even more. We need controls on that, so as to not see the kinds of wild and ridiculous price increases that we have seen in the last several years.
To answer your question, there is NO free market system for all things. I can't start my own oil company, and neither can you. No one can, because these companies have total and complete control over this market, and thus can market their prices any way they want to without oversight. It's not just because of the government, either.
Big Oil has been around for almost 100 years now. They control the product, the price, and who can pump it. Do you think that you can just start your own Chevron Station?
You can't, because they control who, what, where, and why on that.
I know this from personal experience. You don't decide, they do. You have to come up with almost one million dollars in up front money, and then they or any other Big Oil company will then decide if you can pump gas or not.
You can start your own grocery store, your own toy store, your own whatever-you-want store, but you cannot do the same with oil. The costs associated with that are astronomical, and make it impossible to start your own oil company. This is why they have a stranglehold over this product, and why they always are making massive profits at our expense. They can dictate their terms however they like it, and there is nothing we can do about it.

About the Big Three auto makers- my original point is correct and valid. They CAN make a profit producing fuel efficient cars, but they don't know how to. Not only that, but they also don't care to, and this is why they are failing and falling further behind in the race.
They are all poorly lead companies who are missing the boat by a country mile on this issue.
The Japanese and Germans created fuel efficient gas and diesel engines here in this country, yet Detroit learns NOTHING from it. They would instead try to appeal to the dim-witted rednecks who all want 350 horsepower gas guzzlers, go from zero to 60 in three seconds, and LOVE to spend $100 each week on gas.
Most of us, however, don't want to do that because we cannot afford that, and this is why we buy Hondas and Toyotas that cost less to own.
Also, to your point about plastics- yes, every car has plastics in them and on them. That is not the point, however. All cars have to meet Federally mandated safety limits on protection, whether they have all plastic body panels or not.
Cars today are far more lightweight than they used to be in the 1950's, due to the use of plastics and styrofoam. Every car has some styrofoam in the bumper sections- both front and back to reduce overall weight. As long as they meet or beat FHTSA crash requirements, what do I care about how much plastic is used?
I feel safe in my Honda. That is what is important to those of us who own them. It gets a 4-5 star crash rating despite some plastic usage.

As long as the dimwitted Big Three car companies continue to produce and market their gas hogs, they will continue to slip further and further behind, and then they will have only themselves to blame for that. Again, this one of the reasons why GM has fallen to second place to Toyota, and eventually will probably even take a seat behind Honda as well.
When people soon start paying $100 dollars to fill their Chrysler 300M's or Cadillacs each week, maybe then they will start to re-think their positions about this issue.
They had better think quickly, because those days are right around the corner...