I'm completely calm, just amazed at American ignorance.

by Andy77e - 5/28/07 12:54 PM

In Reply to: Calm down... by Skyhawk007

You are for Big Government. I want government to control the free market, but I'm not for big government... what is that?

The point is farm subsidies are costing us millions every year and you think it's great because food is cheap. It isn't cheap, you just don't know how much your paying for it.

Oil companies have tons of competition from here and abroad. If they didn't we wouldn't be importing any oil. What is this! Elementary school logic?

Subsidies are a horrible system of politicians getting money donations from rich people, in order to get tax payer hand outs from the government. Anyone who supports that, is an eliteists best friend. You say you don't trust Ted Turner, yet you support him getting your money. Bravo.

Gasoline should not be price controlled. We pay the least per gallon than almost any other nation. Further, price controls always cause problems. Have we learned NOTHING from California? Are we all this ignorant? CA put price controls in place, resulting in rolling black out. Are we this stupid? We actually want to have gasoline shortages? Sheeple.

Your cheap gas means nothing if Iran and Terrorist get control of the most technologicly advanced nation in the middle east and begin exporting terrorist to the US. Save a few dollars and watch more planes fly into buildings, or dirty bombs go off in our subways. We must win the war in Iraq, no question.

Foolishness. Of course auto makers have means to make high mileage cars. Hell, I can make a car right now that will get over 100 mpg. But being able to make it, and being able to sell it, are two different things. Regardless of your personal uninformed opinion, there are reasons GM, Ford and Chrysler do not make those cars. They can't make money on them or their customer base doesn't want them. Possibly both. Why is that? Likely because of idiots who vote in morons who add so many regulations that make it impossible to make money on small cars. Maybe it is because of the huge tax burden that the government puts on companies to pay subsidies for your cheap food. Maybe it's because of unions that price labor so high they can't make money on small cars.

The problem is, you ignorantly claim GM doesn't make small high mileage cars because of greed. What 2nd rate back water college did you come from? They need to be closed down. Does no one teach logical thinking anymore? If GM could make money on a plastic bannana 4 wheeled scooter mobile, they'd make it and sell it. All companies are about making money. If they can make money on something, they'll do it. Any fool should know this.

You talk about what people want to own, yet the best sellers are Large trucks, large sedans like Chryslers 300M (It's on my list to buy), F-series, Dodge Ram and other large autos. Yes many are buying smaller cars, but even the Honda civic isn't always being choosen for it's gas mileage. The hottest thing to do with a Civic is put on a huge 3" exhaust, put on a turbo, add some NOx, and fly down the track. Not exactly a high gas mileage deal here.

And btw, they are plastic. I have been hit twice. One was a Honda civic. His whole front end was bashed in like a bull dogs face. Not even a *scratch* on my chrome metal bumper. It is plastic. Sorry to break it to you.

There is no price gouging. We pay a fraction of what other nations do. When the UK is paying $7.69 a gallon, and we pay a whooping $3.50 or less, how in the world do you think that's gouging? You want to lower prices, getting government involved is not the answer. They are the reason prices are high to begin with. Let's get the oil in our own land, and prices will drop. Get the EPA out of regulating our gas, and prices will drop. You get government more involved, and prices will go up, or they'll subsidize it so that your taxes go up but the prices at the pump goes down so that you ignorantly think your saving money.

BTW, why can't you open your own oil well? Answer: Government. You could if government didn't stop you. You could drill your own well, pump your own crude, and open a small refiniery and sell gas. But Government has 100 miles of red tape to prevent you from doing that. Why is that? Namely because of people like you that want government involved in the free market. Thus they control it so only rich people can open oil companies. You people shoot your own foot off and blame "big whatever" for it. Get a clue.

Figure it out people. Government has caused the price of gas to go up. And now it sets itself up as the solution to the problem it created. Now you support more government intervention, which is exactly what it wants. You play right into their hands like a puppet, supporting the greedy people you were trying to stop.