Broad assumptions? LOL!

by Skyhawk007 - 5/28/07 11:48 AM

In Reply to: Yippy skip by Andy77e

I never implied that all cars can get that kind of MPG. They can't.
You proclaim about broad assumptions. It is your assumptions that people want bigger cars that get 25 mpg or worse. This is not true at all, if you look at the fact that Toyota which builds high mpg cars is now the number one car company in the world, that proves my point.
People want to own and drive fuel efficient cars, and which are not econo boxes, either.
NO one bought the Yugo when it came out, because it was a p.o.j.
I drove one at a job twenty years ago, and it was the worst car I ever drove.
Your assumption that fuel efficient cars need to be like that, is incorrect. The Hugo didn't sell because it was garbage.
The Honda and Toyota lines DO sell, because they are well-built, get great gas mileage, are very safe, and are appealing to many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. That is why both Honda and Toyota now have plants here in the U.S producing cars.
People want them, are buying them.
They are built with enough power to get them safely from place to place, without resorting to having the push their cars from behind.
My Honda EX has 127 horsepower, which is more than enough. I don't have any problems passing any buses, to answer your concern.
My car, along with other Honda cars are NOT slugs. They are fast and fuel efficient. Having both is not mutually exclusive, btw.
My car gets 44 mpg on the highway, and has high h.p for anyone.
Cars like the Corolla, the Accord, the Civic, and the Camry are great examples of high MPG cars that can be made without the loss of power and acceleration.
You simply don't need to have a car with 350 horsepower on the road that gets 20 mpg. That's ridiculous.
It's something that the Big Three simply have not understood yet, and it why they are losing right now.
The exceptions are for bigger vehicles like trucks. They are limited to what mpg they can get.
However, that is not to say that more cars and trucks cannot make this standard. There are ways to reduce fuel consumption even in trucks.
It can happen with technologies that already exist right now.
We don't need to have highly expensive gas guzzlers and over-hyped Hybrids on the market. What we do need, is for the Big Three to get off their redneck agendas, and listen to what is going on around them, and build far more fuel efficient cars and trucks like they should be doing.
They are LOSING the race to the Japanese companies, and they are simply not caring enough to do something about it. That is because of very poor leadership at the tops of the companies.
Once again, this thread is about the need to have the auto companies respond to the wishes of the car buying public, and to have them look at what is going on around them. Gas prices are going way, way up, and no one is going to force the oil companies into being honest about that, so we as consumers must have more choices in what we want.
We will see gas at $5.00 a gallon very soon, if not by next Spring.
The Civic Vtech-E engine is something Honda needs to bring back, and expand it's use into more lines of cars. Moreover, it is something that the Big Three needs to look at very closely, and then join with Honda in producing a line of fuel efficient cars that Americans have been long been waiting for. Once they do that, they will sell more cars, because right now, they aren't.
If people like you love spending $100 a week on filling up your gas-guzzling cars and trucks, then good for you. If you enjoy spending your money each week so that you can make the Middle East, OPEC, and the greedy oil companies happy- then good for you.
Have fun with that.
We on the other hand, would like to have more choices on what to buy, and have our own companies here in America do better financially than what they are doing now. They CAN and WILL make money doing so.
Toyota and Honda are selling more cars then the Big Three are, and they are doing so selling fuel efficient cars.
They have proven that it can work. They can make fuel efficient cars, and be profitable at the same time.
The fact is, the Big Three can make big money making these kinds of cars, and we as consumers would benefit in the short/long runs.
It is a win-win for everyone involved.
Do you remember what Iacocca did in 1980? He saw that Chrysler was going belly up, and came up with a new and novel approach to help his company become important once again in Detroit, and become profitable at the same time. He came up with an idea and agenda to make a kind of affordable car- the K car, and won back more people.
His plan worked. They made and sold the cars that people wanted, made money, and he was able to pay off his HUGE government loan.
The same thing can be done again, but this time market a high mpg car with the great VTech-E engine, like what is comparable to the Corolla or Civic. Make it affordable, make it safe, and make it appealing to the American car consumer.
Think about what kind of impact and message that this would send to the auto world. We need to hear that message again right now.
It is long overdue.