Calm down...

You made any assertions in your post that are not valid. First, I am NOT for "big government" as you claim. I want just the opposite. That being said, we DO need government to play a role in keeping the balance in this and other messes that the supposed "free-market" economics plays in all of this. I am not for more government to get in the way, because they have shown that more is not better. The Federal Government has to play a balancing role in all of this, because I do NOT trust big corporations to play fair no matter what you or anyone says.
I short, I don't trust anyone on either side.
I don't trust bigger government, and I certainly don't trust the likes of Ted Turner.
Secondly, I am not advocating price subsidies on everything. Again, their has to be a balance between the free market and the realities of what the private sector can and will do when it goes unchecked.
My point was, we have had farm and dairy subsidies for decades, and it has made some products more affordable for the consumer. You can look at the benefits- either positive or negative with that, depending on your point of view.
I am for some of the things that we use to be federally subsidized, because the free market system is not perfect, and it cannot be trusted in all cases.
Gasoline should be price-controlled, because it does not fit into the free market system like other products that we have in our nation.
We as individuals cannot grow nor produce this product. It is in the hands of a very small group of individuals who can set the price to whatever they want to. Big Oil has almost no oversight and no competition in the free marketplace. I cannot go out and start my own business making oil, unlike other products that I can produce and sell on my own.
I have a much better understanding of this than most do, because I was in a family-run business with my father who worked for Standard Oil for almost half a century.
Since our entire economy is oil-based, we need to have some price controls placed upon it so that it can still be made affordable to everyone. Since we all need to use some kind of transportation to get from place to place, this is a great idea. The economic multiplier effect stretches into the gas we buy at the pump, to the buses we take to work everyday, to the food we buy and eat.
That higher fuel price we pay at the pump or when we buy a bus ticket is passed on to the consumer. It makes our food prices higher, and eats into the remaining monies that we have in our smaller paychecks.
With what the federal government has paid so far with this idiotic war in Iraq- which is soon to be OVER 650 BILLION of our American tax dollars, they could have EASILY used that money instead to help defray the cost of gas subsidies at the pump, and everywhere else.
It makes economic sense to do this.
Thirdly, I never implied that the politicians can be trusted. For the most part, they cannot be. IMO, most of them can't. They are to some extent compromised by the system we have, in such a way that they think of themselves first, and someone else second.
We all know that the system that we have is not perfect, and it has to be tweaked from time to time.
Again, this entire post is about Auto manufacturers who ALREADY have the means and technology to produce high MPG cars at an affordable cost, yet now fail to do so, because of their stupidity and greed.
You say that if the American Big Three wanted to make them, they would, but don't because no one wants them?
Lol. That is a laugh. You need to get a clue, and take a look around you sometime. Have you not noticed that Toyota is now the number one auto manufacturer in the world?
Why is that? It is because they sell more cars! Why do they sell more cars? Because people buy them. Why do people buy them? Because they have cars that people want to buy from them. What do they have? The Prius and the Corolla, for example, that get great gas mileage, and the hottest selling cars in America, are what they sell, and what people want because they are apart of a long line of cars that they sell that get great gas mileage!
If Ford, Chrysler, and GM made better cars that got better gas mileage, they also would sell more cars like Honda and Toyota.
This is why Chrysler is going under, and why Ford and GM are losing billions of dollars every year to their Japanese competitors.
The Japanese auto makers are far smarter than the dopey American companies because Japan build high mpg cars that people want to own.
I don't why you cannot see this. It is fairly obvious to anyone.
It is in the best interests of the Big Three to build high mileage cars, but they don't want to, and it is killing them financially.
It is because of very poor leadership from their so-called leaders which is doing this to them.
Again, all my Honda cars that I have owned all got at least 44 mpg on the highway, and they weren't over-priced and over-hyped Hybrids.
They weren't plastic, either. This is why Honda and Toyota sell more cars than the Big Three do, and that is a reflection upon Detroit's outdated stupidity for allowing that to happen.

The bottomline is this- yes, there IS price gouging going on with the oil companies, and yes, the Big Three are losing this war in the marketplace, because they are building cars that hardly anyone wants.
We need to have Federal oversight to make sure that things of this nature are handled in a just and fair way. If we didn't, then Big Oil could do whatever they want, and get away with it.
In all honesty, that is exactly what is happening right now.