Typical my *** Who else has responded like that here?

by Andy77e - 5/27/07 10:31 PM

In Reply to: Typical response... by Skyhawk007

Arrogant and wrong. "Since you didn't know that already.." Bull I didn't know it. I was well aware of it long ago.

Ugh... NO we do not need government to pamper and watch over us like big brother. NO we do not need controls over our lives and the free market. How... HOW can you not see that your attempt to "make sure the free market won't get corrupted by greed" is EXACTLY what causing it to be so! You really trust politicians? You really think giving them control over the market is a way to prevent greed from taking over? Are you kidding? No, there are no greedy politicians... no of course not. We can trust them with our livelyhood... You are NUTS!

Here you are whining about gas prices, yet you don't see the same thing is happening to us with farm subsidies! They are taking money from you and me... and giving it to Ted Turner... so that he can pocket the cash and sell us milk for $1.29. Oh gee, milk is cheap... of course you pay how much in taxes every year? The only difference between your gallon of milk and Ted Turner, and your gallon of gas and Exxon, is that you can actually see what the gas is costing you. You have no idea how much you're really paying for that milk.

Do you not realize that greed is exactly what's motivating governments control over the free market? You know that in the 90s Repulicans revoked farm subsidies? Did you also know that when Democrats got control over government, they re-enacted subsidies, and the one who benefited the most, was also the largest donator of money to the Democrats... namely Ted Turner? Figure it out. By giving government control, you are making greed the mainstay of the market.

Prices gouging... unbelievable. Do you realize in other countries, the UK for example, is paying $7.68 per gallon? You think we are getting gouged? I wish I could wake you people up. In the rest of the world, where government has more control over the market, they are paying a TON more. We pay so unbelievably little. Yet in the name of "price gouging" we give our government more and more control, and the price goes up and up. GET A CLUE! The people we are foolishly voting for, are trying to raise the price of gas, while we complain about the evil corporations that are giving us the cheapest fuel in the @#$*& WORLD!

You are ignorant about fuel prices and completely clueless about the war. I'm glad there's more of us that know why we're in Iraq than you fools. Of course high mileage cars exist. High mileage cars have existed in Europe for years. They don't sell here. The car companies build cars that sell, not cars people don't want. Further, they build cars that government lets them build. GM had a 100 mpg car in the 80s. No big deal. Problem was it was plastic. In order to meet government regulations, it wouldn't get that awesome gas mileage. Does no one pay attention in physics class? Or is it another failure by government to make school teach kids things? You can't get 100 mpg in a metal heavy car. You can in plastic, but that's not safe. You can only choose one, not both.

That whole post is sad. Here you want to give government more control, and government is going to do exactly what you claim will happen if they don't do something. Government does not want cheap fuel. Despite your foolish theory about why we're in Iraq, they do not want us getting cheap oil. If they wanted that, we'd be getting the oil in our own back yard!

The largest untapped source of oil in the world right now, is in our land, and we haven't even explored all of our land for oil. Why the hell would Exxon or anyone want us getting Iraqi oil that would cost thousands to ship here and cause political trouble, when it would be far cheaper and less hassle and more profitable to get our own oil? Only a MORON things oil is why we're in Iraq.

Government wants high fuel prices. Government wants people to not be able to afford to drive. Government wants to set themselves up as the solution to the problem they are creating. Why do you think Ethanol is subsidized and tax free? Cause government wants credit for this great thing. We helpped produce Ethanol which will be cheaper than oil soon because of our policies. Aren't we great? Hydrogen is the future, arn't we great? Doesn't matter that our hydrogen comes from oil, it's that we did this. Government is your friend. Give us more control over the market, and we'll fix everything. You are a dumb bunch of sheep. This is Al Gore's "I helpped in creating the internet".

While you demand more choices, it will be from politicians getting paid off by rich people who want subsidies for those choices. You'll think it's great while Ted Turner walks off with your tax money, and Ted Kennedy walks off with thousands in donations and your vote for giving you such a great choice. Meanwhile, nothing improves and you all sit here thinking how great it is we got those greedy corporations, and you play right into their hands...