Here's my shot

I owned the exact same car, same year, same model. Still hate it.

Anyway... Sometimes even if you replace the coil, it could still be the coil. You can check the coil with an ohm meter, sadly I don't have the specs with what you should read on hand.

Other than that, there's two possibilities. Bad Cam/Crank sensor. If either goes bad, it can confuse the PCM into thinking it's time to fire a spark plug when it isn't, which in turn makes the computer thing the coil or plug isn't fireing when it is, causing a coil failure. I do not know how you can check the sensor on your own.

The other is a bad PCM. One way to check is if you get the car running, you open the hood, and lightly... *LIGHTLY* tap the PCM with a hammer. If it starts screwing up or stalls out, your PCM is bad. DO NOT beat the crap out of your PCM with the hammer to check it. I got one back with hammer imprints all over it. Of course it didn't work.

Sadly, the answer you don't want to hear is this: Intermittent failures are the worst most horrid things. Your best bet is a dealership. If you take it to a independent shop, they might change 20 things and never fix the problem, yet charge you tons. And even a dealership might have a hard time nailing down the problem, but it's still your best shot.

If you are bent on trying to fix it yourself, go to a junk yard and get a Cam sensor, or crank sensor. I would not advise getting a junk yard PCM unless you know for sure it's the problem, or if it's dirt cheap. I mean way under $100.