typical brainless reaction

by rob5361 - 5/27/07 7:20 AM

In Reply to: Typical response... by Skyhawk007

Ok, lets all STOP listening to the media, and actually do alittle home work.. you will find on the web at the energy department a list of oil reserves for the past 10+ years.. There you will see that we AREN'T short of OIL. We have had this much on hand in 1999 when gas was 0.99 per gallon.. We had this much on hand last year when prices dipped below $2.00.. The pricing isn't frmo the OIL COMPANIES.. is from the SPECULATORS that keep feeding us this CRAP that we are in a shortage so they can drive the price up.

Don't blame the government, President Bush or VP Cheney.. they don't run the stock market.. BLAME THE LAZY MAINSTREAM MEDIA for not doing any research on claims by these jokers.