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by Skyhawk007 - 5/26/07 4:46 PM

In Reply to: Where do these people come from? by Andy77e

Look, the government ALREADY has it's hands on the free market system that is looked upon as good or bad, depending on your p.o.v.
Ever heard of farm subsidies?
If not, did you also know that the price of a gallon of milk is ALSO subsidized by the Federal government? It is, and has been for decades.
Since you didn't already know that, then you must enjoy living in a semi-communistic country right now.
I am not for total government mandates on everything we buy in a supposed free-market system. That would be impractical. What I am saying, is that the consumer needs more choices, and that the government MUST have some oversight in that. That is part of the role of government as defined by rule of law. We DO need government oversight on many things, to keep the balance of things squarely in the middle. We need to ensure that things we cannot control even in a "free market system" won't get corrupted by greed. In short, we need to government to ensure that greedy oil companies don't gouge the consumer beyond what is fair. That needs to happen now, because there is price-gouging going on right now, and has been for years because our government has been asleep at the wheel.
It might surprise you, but I am a conservative Republican in my political stance and have been for two decades, yet I am tired of seeing the status quo being delivered to the consumer by a party who is too concerned and co-opted by the wealthy elite who control vital essentials in our daily lives.
Gasoline is the largest one, because it is apart of an economic multiplier that impacts almost everything have and do from cars to food prices to everything we buy.
I am not against any company making a profit. I want them all to.
However, there is a point at which these companies- who have ZERO oversight from anyone, can cross the line, and they are doing it now with price gouging at the pumps.
When you see Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and other major oil companies raking in hundreds of billions of dollars collectively each year, there must be new rules and laws to prevent them from doing such.
The entire point of this thread was to point out that high fuel mileage cars DO EXIST right now, and we don't need to foolishly spend an extra $10,000 on them to reap the benefits of fuel savings.
My 1995 Honda Civic got better gas mileage than ANY hybrid on the road today- from either Toyota or Honda hybrids.
We need to ENCOURAGE these companies to re-think their greedy and narrow-minded policies of today, by going back to the ideas of decades past when they actually made cars that were far more fuel friendly.
Btw, your point about Bush and Cheney is laughable. They both got us into a needless and pointless war all because of the large Iraqi oil reserves that they wanted so badly to control. No, I don't credit Clinton or Gore on this matter, either. It is the job of the Presidency to see problem areas and try to correct them.
Since Bush/Cheney have been in office, they have done little to nothing to try to fix a potential nightmare the awaits us all very shortly with $5 a gallon gas.