What? Huh?

No one is forced to buy anything. If you choose to buy a hybrid, you buy a hybrid. If you don't, don't.

Government is ALWAYS corupt with greedy politicians. Serve them right? You realize how many thousand of people would be out of work, how many thousand would be on welfare and government assistance? You realize how much more taxes would come from *your* paycheck to pay for that? Are you trying to shoot your foot off?

Further, there are reasons why older cars got better gas mileage. Older cars had fewer regulations and emission requirements. Maybe you don't realize this, but smog regulations kill gas mileage. Let me give you just one example. In order to reduce NOx, they implemented EGR valve, which is exhauste gas recirclation. By sending exhaust back through the engine, you reduce NOx, but you also reduce power, meaning MPG goes down too. That's one of dozens of examples. Point is, we, by our government regulation, have killed gas mileage. The car makers can't come out with the cars they did so many years ago.

Beyond that, people do not want Hunda 600s, or VW 1 liter Diesels. People don't like driving slugs. I don't either. I don't like getting passed by school busses because I have no acceleration. (this actually happened once. very sad) Yeah car makers can make a car that gets 100 MPG easy... but no one wants it. Or very few. Maybe the crazy people here would, but not enough would want it for GM to mass produce it.