Where do these people come from?

by Andy77e - 5/26/07 3:30 PM

In Reply to: You are right about that... by Skyhawk007

Is this the communist forum? What exactly do you want Bush and Cheney to do? If GM doesn't want to build a car for whatever reason, is that not their right? If you want a communist government, say it openly. If not, shut up about trying to force companies to build whatever you think they should.

Furhter, if a car company chooses to make an electric car, what do you think the oil company can do about it? Nothing.

And get off your dumb politcal crap. Al Gore openly supported high gas prices. He even wrote about it in that crappy book of his. Further, the oil companies made billions in the 90s, what did Captain Underpants Clinton do to stop it? And even more importantly, why should either do anything about it? Where do you think it's the job of government to prevent companies from making profit?

This is America. There is a free market. Government has no right to demand or dictate what is sold, or what is bought. You want government dictating your life, move to Cuba.