Pure greed by big oil companies and the Auto makers

by Skyhawk007 - 5/26/07 9:38 AM

In Reply to: VW Rabbit by RSEASE1014

I am so angry at the both of them, along with our dopey president for getting away with this!
This situation is the same as being told by your doctor that you need to have needless and expensive surgery, when all you really need to do, is just to take a vitamin pill every day. The parallels are the same here.
Instead of being told the truth in the first place that just taking an inexpensive pill will solve the problem, your greedy doctor and hospital just lied to you and kept the truth from you.
The bottom line is this- we don't need $27,000 Toyota or Honda Hybrids being built and sold in this country, because we have far less expensive models that WERE built decades ago that got BETTER gas mileage than any hybrid could have.
All these car companies need to do, is to just offer us what they did a decade ago, and our problems would be solved.
Another problem that could be solved is a government that isn't totally corrupted by greedy politicians who are too quick to line their pockets with the illegal payoffs from greedy big corporations who want to keep this inexpensive technology away from us.
This is criminal, and it should mean that these people should be prosecuted and thrown in jail because of what they are doing to our country.
Since GM, Ford, and Chrysler are all going bankrupt soon, maybe that is just a fitting end to their stupidity and bad leadership.
It is too bad that Exxon, Mobil, and Chevron can't join the American car makers, and all go out of business too.
It would serve them all right for what they are doing to us.