You are right about that...

by Skyhawk007 - 5/25/07 3:25 PM

In Reply to: it's all about$$ by gravrdr

When we see our elected President doing absolutely NOTHING about trying to get the oil companies to reduce their price-gouging at the pumps, you know that we have MAJOR problems here in the US. Why should we be surprised at this anyways? The entire Bush and Cheney families have long been connected to Big Oil, and that is whom got them elected in the first place. President Bush is an oil man first and foremost, and wants to see much higher prices at the pumps, because he and his family is profiting from the skyrocketing gas prices.
This is the truth.
What just galls me to no end, is that we have not heard even so much as a whisper from his administration about stopping the oil profiteering from the Big oil companies- Chevron, Exxon, and Union.
These companies are racking up billion dollar profits every quarter, and President Bush does nothing to stop it.
I am miffed at the Honda Corp, too, for abandoning the high mpg Vtech-E engine, and instead making these dopey hybrids that are just too expensive to own, and don't even get nearly the gas mileage that the non-hybrid Hondas were getting in the mid 1990's.
I would take my Civic 1995 VX any day over the over-priced and over-hyped hybrids that they sell now.