it's all about$$

by gravrdr - 5/25/07 2:38 PM

In Reply to: My non-Hybrid Honda Civic got 72 mpg... by Skyhawk007

Having actually trained and worked at a Honda dealership in MD I can safly tell you it's about $$. That engine and gas milage estimate are not even spoken of in the industry anymore. I totally agree with you that it makes no sense. We (Americans) should have been using Hydrogen, Natural gas, or even straight electric powered vehicals for the last 15 or more years. It is the big oil companys using $$$$ to influence the Federal and State gov't (IE: Lobbiests)Our Nation is in a sad state of affairs untill a decent/ honest person is elected president. ( a decent-honest person would ever be eleceted. Pardon me for being a bit pessamistic)