Problems for electric cars... not

by albizzia - 5/7/07 12:40 AM

In Reply to: Electric car is the answer....not by tsimonick

1. There are many different types of batteries with many different chemistries. Some types have potentially hazardous chemicals (lead acid, nickle cadmium) but other types are not considered to be highly dangerous. LiIon batteries have some potentially flammable components, but are not considered highly toxic, and have no corrosive components. LiIon batteries are less flammable and less toxic and less hazardous than gasoline. How often do we call the "hazmat" squad for a gasoline spill at a car crash? Not often.

Zinc-air batteries are not toxic, flammable, or particularly hazardous.

2. Yes I do know where electricity comes from. It has many power sources, some are quite clean. As more renewable sources come online, the percentage of fossil fueled electricity continues to decline. The fossil fueled electric plants are 45% to 60% efficient, and the "grid" averages 95% efficient. Charger and batteries are 85% efficient, electric motors over 95%. Compare that with 15% to 22% for spark IC engines, 25% to 30% for diesel and 30% to 35% for hybrids. Even when powered by "fossil fuel" electricity, electrics are still more efficient and produce less CO2.

Electric cars can be fast and powerful. How about 0-60 mph in 4 sec. or less? Top speed way above the legal limit? That ain't no "fancy golf cart".