It Started With Fire

We have been intoxicated and awestruck by the flame. We have come to depend on the flame for heat and light, and for defense. And so we have totally ignored what nature has provided us in the way of energy, constant never waning energy that permeates the universe.

Before we had elctric, heat and light came from burning something. But with the generation of electricty, came a new paradigm in energy use, but not in its production.

Viktor Schauberger (sp?) and Nikola Tesla independently made some rather interesting observations regarding to dynamics of water. Schauberger stated that fish "swimming" up a waterfall, were not actually swimming, but rather guiding themselves into a current that seemed to flow in the opposite direction of the falling water. He firther postulated that the water was acctually creating an electromagnetic current in which the fish "swim" up the fall.

It is runored that he was able to use this discovery to create a flying disc that was literally powered by water, which was capable of generaating huge amounts of electromagnetic energy.

But I digress, so back to the issue of alternative fuels. It has been long believed that you have to create electricity from something else, but nature proves daily that is not true. Lightning can certainlt burn, but it is nor created from fuel burning. The Laws of Conservation of Energy says energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

As I wrote in previous posts Tesla also discovered the "cosmic energy" but could not get banker J. P. Morgan to finance his work, since Morgan saw how he could make much more money selling electricity. Today we are faced with a similar problem.

The argument is simply a matter of economics, but not yours or mine. It's the oil industry, the energy (electric utilities) industry, and even the medical industry.

Okay, so here is the punch line(s) as I see it:

1. We can create devices that tap into the Aether energy to produce an electron flow without expending energy to do so.

2. Our health will become great when we are able to produce foods without chemicals, where the land that it grows on is allowed to replenish itself naturally, and not through chemistry.

3. The cures to all disease will not be a drug, but is a electromagnetic frequency that can destroy bacteria and virus.

Bottom line is that the world has always had the power, it just has been kept from the people and used to control.

Fred Mars
Corvallis, OR