Electric car is the answer....not

There are several problems with electric cars-
1. It takes a plethora of nasty chemicals to make a battery (not really environmentally friendly), and when they crash, all those nasty chemicals turn the accident into a nasty Haz-Mat incident. Cars crash everyday.

2. Electricity is not just pulled out of a light socket by fairy dust! We predominantly burn fossil fuels to create it. Then you have to push it down a wire (where you lose a little), into your house (where you lose a little more), convert it to DC (even more lost), then into your car (more still). Then, if you don't run your car regularly, the battery will discharge over time. Doesn't sound like the most efficient way to use fossil fuels if you ask me. Solar systems on our houses would help (I am a big proponent), but as for electric cars, see #1.

Bio fuels may work, but I can't see us growing our way out of energy dependence. One way or another we have to use water to grow bio fuels. Water is getting harder and harder to come by. What's the answer, I dunno. But fancy golf carts aren't gonna do it!