I agree with this and for this reasons:

by balouke - 5/3/07 9:20 AM

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In my opinion we will have to go to a mixed solution of electricity combined with an alternative fuel like hydrogen or biofuels.
Why? I think that for our total energy needs we will ultimately be forced in a non-petroleum period to go to clean ELECTRICITY based energy. For that we are in the right direction if we develop solar energy (voltaic and termal)combined with energy from alternative, clean and renewable sources like wind, hydro,geothermal or whatever possible.Part of this energy will be used to produce the "cleaner" fuels needed for transportation.

Existing nuclear power plants (already written off for many years now) should help us to free money to develop those "new" energy sources. The governement must regulate,starting as soon as possible, this issue to stimulate the change otherwise we will miss the momentum to do so....
SO: NO cheaper power for the consumer but money to invest in the future...

Just some figures to make you dream:

140.000 Terrawatt (TW)(Terra is 10 with 12 zero's behind it!)from the sun gets through the earth's atmosphere every year: this means that every HOUR the sun delivers 16 TW to the world or, the energy that the whole world is consuming in one YEAR (you get it?)
IF we use only 0,16% of the earth's surface to fill it up with solar cell farms (with the cheapest cells giving only 10% efficiency) we can reach this energy level...
Nevertheless, a 500 MW plant would cover 32 square kilometer (or 12.355 square miles for the non-decimal guys)
And, very important,you know it all: the sun doesn't shine at night ...so other sources(wind,etc) will stay necessary!

2. You are connected to internet reading this. An estimation I read some time ago of the number of servers used on the net was about 30 million. At 800 W per server this gives an energy need of 24 GW.
If you add the peripherial equipment (cooling,..) it can go up to 57 GW.... and that is without yours, mine and all the single computers connected... and this is still growing!