Outstanding Post, Albizzia!

I too believe electric propulsion is the best power for our cars in the future. Exciting initial offerings from Tesla Motors and other electric car makers coming soon will "jumpstart" a massive shift in current thinking to at least acknowledge electric cars. Electric autos, with a huge advantage of near maximum torque across all motor speeds, no tailpipe emissions, and a much simpler alternative to the complicated systems req'd to power and manage IC cars will begin to get more people's attention. Further advances in battery technology that address range, and recharging will continue the push, and (somewhat) quiet the naysayers. But is there any good news concerning the battery recycling issues?

But what a great post you wrote! I've read a number of Internet articles concerning the subject, and others that dig into alternative fuel energy content, but you introduced in just a few sentences a number of new items to me to further look into:

1. Battery advances (Li-Sulfur, Li-Air, Al-Air) - hadn't heard of these at all before reading your post!

2. Butanol and the quick comparison to Ethanol - while I've been very skeptical of the ethanol plant frenzy, I hadn't heard of butanol and its (a.) energy superiority to ethanol; (b.) mileage superiority to ethanol; (c.) lack of engine modifications req'd. as compared to ethanol. So, I'm curious - What about pipeline transmission of butanol - compared to ethanol which has to be trucked? What is the ratio of req'd energy to produce butanol vs. energy realized in finished butanol? (superior than ethanol's I would guess) - or at least a valid argument on this if speculative? Is butanol a gasoline additive like ethanol, or a stand-alone fuel? And finally, why the hell are we fixated on ethanol vs. butanol? (I know, no real answer to that one...)

3. Algae as an oil-producer for bio-diesel... Very cool! - and again had not read or seen anything on this before.

Anyway, I just wanted to commend you on your post. It isn't often I see so many insightful and novel subjects in a concisely written post.