Fuel is that what you burn?

by deckpinz - 4/26/07 6:20 PM

In Reply to: What's your favorite alternative fuel? by wcunning CNET staff

Gasoline, natural gas, and other fossil fuels come to us with because we put energy into a system to collect and distribute them. They have been produced over time by collecting the energy of the sun and earth which have condensed them into highly portable fuels.
Hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, biofuels all require large input of energy over a shorter period of time to create a portable fuel. Most unfortunate that most of this energy will come from the fossil fuel base. They neither end polution, nor save resources.
We need a non-fossil fuel energy base, fusion, fission, solar or beamed radiation. Given enough energy, which does not depend on fossil fuels and I will condense enough CO2 to end gobal warming. (How big do you want your CO2 fire extinguishers?) Then with large amounts of energy you can pick the method you want to create to have portable fuels. (many will work)