by stewart norrie - 4/22/07 9:37 AM

In Reply to: Suggestions for TV with good sound. by krug0043

First a hi-def t.v is like a window to the world, movies are as good as a movie theater, sports are mindbending you can see every blade of grass, natrure like Discovery h.d. theater will give you goose bumps You are buying something that will last for years and years and give you awsome entertainment. So the t.v. is only part of a complete system that you will lust for after you see that stunning picture to begin with forget about quality t.v. sound dont even go there.First step is the t.v. go the biggest screen size you can afford 50" is ideal even if you have to save some more money you dont want to watch a postage stamp size screen squinting your eyes to see the fine detial, second you MUST feed it so a satellite or cable hi-def system is a must the hi-def package will give you wounderful progreamming well worth the small extra fee. then a d.v.d. player any quality $150 unit will work fine and last yess a sweet 5.1. audio system This is sort of like buying a new Cadillac with out a radio, heater, air, etc you will lust for all the goodies to make it a system that you will love stewe