by JayC1883 - 2/15/07 5:17 PM

In Reply to: overheating by bevillan

Whenever someone asks me whether or not to get a PS3 I always tell them that it will ultimately be up to them whether or not they are willing to make an investment in a product that will "eventually" be worth the money. From the average consumers perspective, the PS3 is a budget Blu-ray player that stacks up quite nicely to stand alone players that costs nearly double. When Blu-ray Disc defeats HD-DVD, and becomes the HD Disc format of choice, all PS3 owners will be ready to go.(any of you who thinks it won't beat out HD-DVD are just kidding yourselves) However as a gamer, the PS3 does not have what it takes to seize hold of the video game crown currently held by Microsoft. Currently third party games available on both systems have looked slightly better on Microsoft's XBOX 360. But this should not be surprising to anyone since most 360 software are already in there 3rd and 4th generations while most developers are just beginning to familiarize themselves with the PS3's cell processor. If one year from now, games are still looking the same then sony will have some explaining to do. If you are'nt quite sure wait it out. There are a dozens of great titles coming out like Heavenly Sword (which I believe will be a system seller), MGS4, DMC4. that will please everyone.