Freevents X51 Vista Problem

by mooncresta - 2/12/07 11:52 AM

In Reply to: Problems installing Vista by boothyuk123

I also have the same problem installing Vista. It hangs on the 'press any key to boot from cd/dvd' screen.

I think there is a incompatibility problem with the current bios and requires a flash update. The problem is that phillips have not named the motherboard or the chipset. I have established via the tech guys website and from phoning them that it is an American Megatrends bios with an Intel Chipset.
I cant find out much more than that but i have contacted a company called ESupport for bios update.

Im waiting for a reply. I will post as soon as I have any news. I would be really grateful if anyone else has info on this one.

I HATE PHILLIPS - they are like the AREA 51 in terms of making laptops as they refuse to actually admit that they make them - its all a conspiracy and i feel like contacting Fox Mulder for help. It is their responsibility to provide updates but they dont even admit they make them - check their website if you dont believe me!