Re:Need an opinion about a PS3 please

by JayC1883 - 2/9/07 5:45 PM

In Reply to: Need an opinion about a PS3 please by treysfnemail

I am the proud owner of a PS3. I have not had any problems at all with my Ps3 being able to play Blu-ray movies or standard DVD's. Out of the boox the PS3 does have some trouble playing regualr ps2 games that do not support pro-scan. However with the latest firmware update that problem has been fixed. As for the freezing up problem, mine has never done so. I have actually spoken to a Sony Rep who claimed that under some circumstances the system may overheat. (An example would be having the PS3 in an extremely closed space, as many retailers are forced to do) Fortunately most people will not have our systems boxed up and enclosed on all four sides. In addition to that the I believe NYKO is about to release an intercoller fan simialr to the one currently available for the 360. My opinion is if you are still unsure about it, hold off on getting one as there are'nt many games out anyway that merit the $600 price tag. However if you are looking for a great Blu-ray Player for your home theater the PS3 does perform quite well. And, with many great games looming on the horizon, the PS3 will only get better.