If you want to do the work yourself, you will need a scanner

There are scanners that are built to scan slides, and there are general purpose scanners that have slide adaptors. Either will do several slides at a time, but you will have to name and save the photos after scanning.

I have an Epson V750 Pro which is a bit pricey, but has most of what you need to do a quality job. It comes with all the software including Adobe Photoshop Elements, and can operate in as sophisticated a fashion as you wish. It all comes with several adaptors including one for 35mm slides. You simply load your slides, and place the adaptor on the scanning bed. The scanner will find the slide images and scan them.

Besides the scanner, you will need a DVD or CD burner. You are better off with DVDs since they will hold many more images. You will, of course, also need a computer.

You can also have this done at a photo store. Around here, they charge about $.25 per slide. You cannot do this with a digital camera. Cameras do not have enough resolution to capture slides.