Clacking drives

Late or not, a reply is always a welcome thing around here.

From my experience, WD (Western Digital) and Maxtor have been great drives during the pre-2Gb days. After that, Seagate took over the reliability contest.

Nowadays, I wouldn't use Maxtor(worst), IBM (terrible), and WD (bad) in any of my units. These three would give out those clacking sounds, which are an indicative that the drive is about to fail (even when new).

My 20GB Seagates though 4 years old still work, though do become slooooow with age. At least they're not clacking! I change them when I notice a degradation in speed. No data loss in most of them though, unlike data loss all the time in the other three brands due to total failure when you least expect it.

I'm trying out the new Samsung drive in one of my unit. Samsung do make reliable products, and I'm betting this drive would be pretty good. I could be wrong though, LOL. We'll see in a couple of years...